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According on our analysis, USAA is the best car insurance provider; however, it is only available to active-duty military personnel and their families. According to our findings, State Farm is your best option if you aren't able to get the top pick.

Key points

  • With the lowest average rates in our analysis, USAA takes the top spot in our rankings. Its goods are restricted to the U.S. military alone.
  • As compared to the other businesses we looked at, Geico offers the fifth-lowest yearly rates on average.
  • Second-best in our list of the best auto insurers is State Farm, which has the third-lowest average premiums overall.

Our research shows that USAA is the finest auto insurer, but its services are restricted to active-duty military and their families. Our research shows that if you don’t qualify for the finest choice, then State Farm is your best bet.

We looked at both pricing information and policyholder reviews, paying close attention to ratings for customer service, claims processing, loyalty, and policy renewal when selecting the top auto insurance providers. In addition, we probed survey takers on the likelihood that they would suggest their current insurer to a motorist in the market for a new insurance.

This list may help you compare vehicle insurance providers based on the criteria that are most important to you. Even though USAA and State Farm are at the top of our list, you may discover that one of the other eight insurance providers is a better match for your needs. When buying or renewing a policy, it’s wise to shop about and compare the prices offered by various insurers.








$1,000 Compare Quotes »

State Farm

$1,267 Compare Quotes »


$1,917 Compare Quotes »


$1,327 Compare Quotes »


$1,148 Compare Quotes »


$2,047 Compare Quotes »


$1,371 Compare Quotes »


$1,533 Compare Quotes »


$2,409 Compare Quotes »

American Family

$1,371 Compare Quotes »



When it comes to insurance, we recommend USAA above all others. Our research shows that USAA customers are the most satisfied overall and are also the most willing to renew their insurance and promote the company to their friends and family. Furthermore, our research shows that USAA offers the lowest rates, 35% lower than the national average.

Only active duty military personnel and their families are eligible to purchase insurance coverage from USAA. As a result, not every motorist will be able to get coverage with this provider.

State Farm

State Farm

Including both Claims Processing and Client Loyalty, State Farm ranks second overall and above average in all categories. We also ranked them highly among the 2023 companies offering the cheapest car insurance. If you have a less-than-stellar driving record yet have been turned down for coverage by USAA, State Farm had the lowest average prices in our review.



Our farmers rank third overall and at the top in many sub-categories. When it comes to claims processing, it is tied for first place, and in terms of customer service and customer loyalty, it is ranked second. Farmers’ score of 4.0 in our ranking for Most Likely to be Renewed is lower than the category average of 4.2, which indicates that the company is less likely to be renewed than its competitors. Comparatively, it has one of the highest average yearly rates among the businesses we evaluated.



There are a number of ties among the top rated farmers and in our overall ranking. When it comes to claims processing, it is tied for first place, and in terms of customer service and customer loyalty, it is ranked second. Farmers’ score of 4.0 in our ranking for Most Likely to be Renewed is lower than the category average of 4.2, which indicates that the company is less likely to be renewed than its competitors. Comparatively, it has one of the highest average yearly rates among the businesses we evaluated.



We gave Geico average marks across the board, including Claims Handling, Customer Service, and Customer Loyalty, placing them in the middle of the pack when ranking the Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023. It also has among of the lowest average rates for adolescent and elderly drivers, as well as those with weak credit, which places it at number two on our list of the cheapest car insurance companies of 2023.



While Allstate scored somewhat below-average ratings in most of our subrating categories, it has moved up three points to a tie for No. 6 in this year’s Best Auto Insurance Companies rating and is placed No. 4 in our Most Likely To Be Suggested subrating. Allstate had among of the highest prices in our comparison, although it may provide more reasonable options for some drivers, such as those with a speeding ticket.



Moreover, travellers improved their standing from last year by two places, moving up to a sixth-place tie. Despite having a poorer customer service rating than seven other insurers we compared, Travelers ranked first in our subrating for Claims Management and third for Most Likely to Be Renewed. The rates offered by Travelers, which are often cheaper than the national average, earn the company a higher-than-average rating for policy renewal.



In our ranking, Progressive is placed at number eight. Whilst consumers are generally pleased with the policy-opening process with Progressive, the company ranks dead last in our Best for Customer Loyalty category and has below-average marks in every other subrating. Customers of Progressive Insurance are less inclined to renew their policies or refer the company to their friends and family, according to a recent survey. Nevertheless, with Progressive, even drivers with a DUI may be eligible for discounts. It has among of the most affordable rates for those motorists in our analysis.


American Automobile Association

For the first time, we’ve included AAA in our ranking of the best auto insurance providers, and it immediately tied for eighth place with Progressive. In every metric we used to evaluate it, it performed below par. Yet, it outranks Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, and American Family in our Most Likely to be Renewed subrating, coming in at No. 6. Even though our research shows that AAA has the highest average rates, drivers who are contemplating AAA should still shop around to see if they can find a better deal elsewhere.

American Family

American Family

Our 2018 rankings have American Family at No. 10, down four positions from last year. It receives the worst ratings across the board, with the exception of our Best for Customer Loyalty category, where American Family edges out Progressive by a hair. Even if you have bad credit, have been in an accident, or have a DUI on your record, American Family may still provide you a cheap quote on car insurance.

Which Car Insurance Provider Is the Best?

Results from our statistics and customer surveys indicate that USAA is the best auto insurer overall. Yet, civilians outside of the military are not eligible to get insurance through USAA. If you’re not a member of USAA, but still need auto insurance, State Farm is our runner-up pick.

Even if USAA and State Farm are at the top of the ratings, it is still a good idea to look into and compare policies from all of the companies that made our list of the Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023. Taking this step may aid in your search for appropriate insurance.

In addition, USAA dominated in all five of our supplementary rankings based on client reviews. Yet not every potential policyholder can become a USAA member. To ensure that all customers are aware of the greatest alternative available in each of these categories, we have named the runner-up in each category.

Get and compare auto insurance quotes if cost is a top consideration. Although we do provide typical rate statistics, it is vital to shop around based on your current demographic traits since your auto insurance premium will vary depending on factors such as your age, region, driving record, credit score, and chosen kind and quantity of coverage. Obtaining quotes from many insurers will let you to compare policies and premiums to get the best one for your needs.

Best for Customer Service: USAA and State Farm

When comparing insurance providers, USAA and State Farm are ranked first and second, respectively. Customers who haven’t made a claim with USAA are much more likely to be happy with the company’s customer service (65% vs. 20%). About 64% of USAA customers are highly happy with the insurer’s customer service, and that percentage drops just marginally among those who have made a claim.

State Farm is a good alternative to USAA if you don’t qualify for their insurance. Sixty percent of State Farm policyholders who have never made a claim are completely happy with the company’s support staff. State Farm has somewhat lower customer satisfaction rankings among consumers who have made a claim, similar to USAA. Fifty-six percent of those who took the poll said they were very happy with the service they received.

Apart from Farmers, Nationwide, and Geico, all three scored above-average marks for customer service quality.

Travelers Insurance Has the Finest Claims Process.

When it comes to filing and processing claims, an essential part of any insurance policy, Travelers is unrivalled. With a score of 4.3 out of 5, it is the only insurer to displace USAA, which leads in all of the other subrating categories we looked at. 62% of Travelers’ customers are happy with the process of making a claim, and 65% are happy with the outcome.

Some insurance companies, including Farmers, Nationwide, and State Farm, were rated higher than average in their claims processing.

Customers of USAA are the most likely to suggest their insurer to others looking for car insurance due to the company’s cheap prices and high ratings in all of the areas we considered.

Customers who have not made a claim with USAA auto insurance are 53% more likely to refer the company to others, and an additional 18% more likely to suggest USAA auto insurance. Customers who have recently filed a claim with USAA are significantly more inclined to sing the company’s praises. Sixty-one percent of people questioned are “very likely” to suggest the insurance, while another eight percent are “likely” to refer it.

If you aren’t eligible for USAA membership, you may want to look into Nationwide. Customers who have not made a claim with Nationwide are more inclined to recommend the company (31%), and more likely to do so (41%) than those who have. Customers who have made a claim with Nationwide have given the company higher marks overall. Of them, 42 express an extreme likelihood to suggest their insurer to a friend or family member, while 32 express a moderate likelihood.

State Farm and Allstate are two more insurance providers that did well there.

Both USAA and State Farm have the highest renewal probabilities.

The satisfaction of a customer with an insurance provider may be gauged by whether or not they choose to renew their coverage. Customer loyalty is strongest at USAA, just ahead of State Farm by a single point.

Customers who haven’t made a claim with USAA are more likely to renew their coverage than those who have. Over 70% of claimants who participated in the poll said they would recommend USAA to other motorists.

Access to USAA’s insurance products is restricted, as mentioned above. If you don’t make the cut at another insurer, State Farm is our No. 2 pick for Most Likely to be Renewed, so it’s worth looking into if you need car insurance.

Our poll found that three quarters of claim-free State Farm customers want to renew with the same company next year. For those who have actually submitted a claim, that figure falls to 69%.

When it comes to customer loyalty, USAA and Nationwide are your best bets.

An insurance policyholder’s loyalty to their provider may be gauged by the frequency with which they suggest their provider and choose to renew their coverage. It’s hardly surprising that USAA ranks #1 in this category, given the company’s excellent renewal and recommendation scores. Look into Nationwide if you can’t join USAA. It scores above average in our Most Likely to be Renewed category and comes in at a close second for Most Likely to be Suggested.

Companies like State Farm, Travelers, and Farmers Insurance have above-average client loyalty ratings.

In what range do car insurance premiums typically fall?

According to our most recent analysis, the national mean premium for auto insurance is $1,539. The amount you pay in premiums, however, may vary based on factors such as:

  • Age
  • Report of past drivers
  • Location
  • Quantity and kind of protection
  • Credit rating

There are reductions on auto insurance that you may be eligible for.
Most insurance companies provide a variety of discounts to their customers based on their age, gender, marital status, and driving history. Getting car insurance quotes is the simplest approach to estimate your potential premium. You may acquire auto insurance quotes online, by email, by phone, or in person with an agent.

What Minimum Coverage Should I Get for My Car?

A number of things influence how much protection you should have. State regulations are one of the most significant predictors of the level of coverage you may need. All drivers are required by law to have liability insurance in at least certain amounts. Uninsured motorist and personal injury protection insurance are both mandated by certain jurisdictions for drivers (PIP).

After that, think about what your lender or lessor needs. Your auto loan or lease agreement will include the minimum required level of coverage for your vehicle if you are making monthly payments on it. To learn more, contact your bank, leasing company, or finance arrangement.

Read the “How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?” manual for additional information on selecting an appropriate policy limit.

Questions & Answers

Best auto insurance provider?

We polled over 10,000 customers throughout the country and identified the following carriers as the best in auto insurance.

  1. USAA
  2. Affirmative Action State Farm
  3. Farmers
  4. Nationwide
  5. Geico
  6. Allstate
  7. Travelers
  8. Progressive
  9. AAA

The Nuclear Family in America

We also consider pricing while assessing insurance. Check out our list of the Lowest-Priced Car Insurance Providers in 2023 if you’re shopping around for a policy.

Just which company offers the most comprehensive auto coverage, and why?
Based on our most current research, we have found that USAA and State Farm are the top two vehicle insurance providers. Our customer satisfaction poll gave USAA the best possible score overall, and they also came out on top in practically every category. In addition, their rates are the lowest of the companies we looked at.

The only people who can buy USAA merchandise are in the military. State Farm, which received the second-highest grade in our poll and offers rates lower than the national average, is a good option for drivers who do not fall into that group.

Farmers, Nationwide, and Geico are three more insurance providers that performed well in the poll.

What is the most affordable auto insurance policy?

Our research shows that USAA offers the most affordable auto insurance rates. A yearly rate of $1,000 is $539 less than the national average. If you can’t get car insurance via USAA, your best bet is probably Geico. Compared to the national average, Geico’s average annual premium is $391 less, at $1,148.

It’s important to remember that your insurance company’s average rate may not be indicative of your actual premium. In order to get the most affordable premiums, it is important to request and compare quotations from many insurers.

Can you tell me where I can get the cheapest rates on auto coverage?

The International Insurance Institute (III) advises customers to compare quotations from at least three different auto insurance providers in order to get the most affordable policy. In your search for insurance, be careful to check prices for identical protection levels and types.

Visit our website devoted to vehicle insurance basics to learn more about policy options and how to save costs.


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